Who do Trivium think they are, Jay-Z, using a mobile phone to deliver music? Well, the forward-thinking Floridians launched a noisy, cryptic preview of their new album 'Vengeance Falls' via a smartphone which appears to be working in concert with desktops.

You unlock the words and the sound -- which is essentially white noise -- by typing in a code on your phone and what you hear and see are connected. At least that's how it was for us when we played around with it. Go here for your turn and your own personal Trivium 'Vengeance Falls' experience.

There is a lot of fuzz, text with words about breaking down, shattered crowns, climbing through dirt, owning flames and more. A lot of the sound is unclear, yet the visual elements feel like a graphic novel come to life. The next transmission impacts on July 29.

The new Trivium album is called 'Vengeance Falls' and it'll be out in October. Meanwhile, the band will tour with former labelmates DevilDriver in September.