A few months back, Scion launched a new Web site jamming all areas of art and entertainment into one place, calling it ScionAV. To coincide with the site the car company contacted labels to shoot exclusive videos for some bands and foot the bill for the whole thing. A handful of bands have gotten this unique treatment including Torche, Pelican and Lullabye Arkestra.

Torche's video is for song 'King Beef.' This song is the first the band has released as a threesome since guitarist Juan Montoya quit in 2008. There is a promised split 10-inch with Boris that's to include this juggernaut anthem, but it's currently only available in Japan. Until then, this video of close-ups of the band and hangover lights is the only way to hear the song.

Pelican's inclusion in this project is for the song 'Last Breath,' from 'What We All Come to Need.' Matt Santoro, who also directed the most recent Isis video, helmed the prjoect sans the band, displaying spirals resembling ashes and leaves like some kind of Narnia lava lamp.

Lullabye Arkestra get the slow motion and classy black and white treatment for their sultry stoner song 'Icy Hands' by way of Dylan Reibling's lens.

Currently the videos can only bee seen on iTunes, but Scion AV has said they will soon stream the videos on their site and will have a DVD of the whole project at some point.