AC/DC'Iron Man 2' is in theaters nationwide now. The film is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name and is directed by Jon Favreau, starring Robert Downey Jr. As with all big-budget Hollywood flicks, music plays an important role and this film features choice cuts by one of the world's biggest rock bands, AC/DC.

AC/DC released the album 'Iron Man 2' earlier this year. While there are no new tracks on 'Iron Man 2,' the record does span 10 different classic AC/DC discs. This means you're getting some of the band's biggest hits -- and deeper cuts to boot. To celebrate the movie and new album, everyone at Noisecreep decided it would be fun to countdown the most popular AC/DC tracks from AOL radio.

10. 'Rock 'n' Roll Train'

'Rock 'n' Roll Train' is the first single from the 2008 album 'Black Ice.' The single went to the top of the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock list. Like most AC/DC tunes, 'Rock 'n' Roll Train' was written by the brothers Angus and Malcolm Young. If you saw AC/DC on their recent and massive world tour, then you know 'Rock 'n' Roll Train' played a big role in the show -- complete with a massive locomotive as a stage prop.

9. 'Shoot to Thrill'

'Shoot to Thrill' is featured on both the 'Iron Man 2' soundtrack and 'Back in Black.' If you're reading this page, chances are you own 'Back in Black.' Considering 'Back in Black' is the bestselling album ever released by a band, every track on the album is considered iconic. 'Shoot to Thrill' was written by the brothers Young and singer Brian Johnson and was featured in the first 'Iron Man' trailer and several other movies and television shows.

8. 'T.N.T.'

Turns out 'T.N.T.' really is dynamite when referring to AC/DC's catalog. The title track from the album 'T.N.T.,' the track was written by the brothers Young and late singer Bon Scott. Released as a single in 1976, 'T.N.T.' quickly became synonymous with AC/DC. Maybe it's all the letters? Or maybe it's just the fact that 'T.N.T.' has a strong riff that gets stuck in the listener's head for days and days.

7. 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap'

Often the anthem of the frustrated -- and slightly insane -- 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' is a track off the 1976 album of the same name (the album wasn't released in America until 1981). Again written by the brothers Young and Scott, 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' is a live staple and is also featured on the 1992 double-album 'AC/DC Live.'

6. 'Thunderstruck'

The Young brothers penned 'Thunderstruck' for the 1990 album 'The Razors Edge.' 'Thunderstruck' is also featured on the 'Iron Man 2' soundtrack and is one of AC/DC's most famous songs. Several sports teams have used 'Thunderstruck' to get the home crowd pumped. Unsurprisingly, 'Thunderstruck' was played early in the set on many of the 'Black Ice' tour stops.

5. 'For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)'

Fire! Long the anthem of every rock band, 'For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)' is known the world over for both the message and the cannons. The single is from the 1981 album of the same name and was written by singer Brian Johnson and the Young brothers. A mega-successful single, 'For Those About to Rock' became an instant classic. So much so that the band uses the track to close live shows, complete with cannon action. The album 'For Those About to Rock We Salute You' was the band's first to reach the top of the Billboard chart.

4. 'Back in Black'

And then there was 'Back in Black,' and suddenly no band could ever reach the same level as AC/DC. The album 'Back in Black,' released in 1980, was written by the brothers Young and Johnson and produced by Mutt Lange. It was the first AC/DC album to feature Brian Johnson on vocals, and the entire disc is dedicated to fallen friend Bon Scott. The single 'Back in Black' is a specific, upbeat tribute to Scott, with lyrics like: "Forget the hearse 'cause I'll never die/I got nine lives/Cat's eyes/Usin' every one of them and running wild." The opening guitar riff is undeniable - hear two bars and you're on your feet. 'Back in Black' is also featured on the 'Iron Man 2' album.

3. 'You Shook Me All Night Long'

Frankly, all of us at Noisecreep are a little stunned. We thought for sure 'You Shoot Me All Night Long' would come in at number one on the most-listened AC/DC songs. After all, we grew up with this track, and it was overplayed at every high school dance and college kegger we can (somewhat) remember. The track was a successful single, staying on the charts for a long time and helped propel sales of 'Back in Black.' The track features a great guitar solo that has been attempted by every kid with a rock star dream. Oh, and 'You Shook Me All Night Long' has been covered by everyone ... including Celine Dion and Shania Twain.

2. 'Hells Bells'

You ever hear your grandma say 'Hells Bells' after something went wrong in the kitchen? Maybe AC/DC picked up the phrase from her. Regardless, the song is the opening track from 'Back in Black,' and the ominous tolling bells clue the listener that a mega sonic experience is about to occur. Like many other popular AC/DC tracks, 'Hells Bells' is regularly used at sporting events.

1. 'Highway to Hell'

Alas, we've reached the top of our countdown. And really, haven't we all been on a highway to hell at some point in our lives? 'Highway to Hell' is the title track from the 1979 album, written by the Young brothers and Scott. The song 'Highway to Hell' made the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's list of 500 tracks that shaped the genre. The track also caused parental uproar, what with all the silly Satanist rumors floating around. The members of AC/DC might not be Satanists, but they are smart marketers: the song, coupled with Angus Young's penchant for devil horns, sure does make for a nice merchandise idea. The blinky AC/DC inscribed devil horns sold during the 'Black Ice' world tour fetched something like 20 bucks a pair! But back to 'Highway to Hell.' The album will always be significant in the AC/DC catalog because it is the last to feature Bon Scott. 'Highway to Hell' remains a live staple.

So, what do you think? Surprised by what your friends are listening to the most? What songs would you add or drop from the list? Leave a comment and let us know.