Maynard James Keenan is a man of many projects. He's fronted Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, has his own winery and just released his memoir A Perfect Union of Contrary Things. But the decision to pursue multiple artistic avenues may have more to do with timing and situation than anything.

During a chat with Yahoo about his new book, Keenan also spoke about spreading himself amongst several projects, stating, "If Tool was more prolific, if they were a little steadier, if we could get things done a little faster I would probably be happy. But things take a long time, they’re tedious. The other guys are very meticulous and I get bored. So I have to go do things in between. The perception, of course, is that they’re waiting on me. No, that’s not the case."

The singer added, "With any group of very strong-willed people -- even with A Perfect Circle; we’re starting to work on some stuff as well -- it’s always a struggle to find your groove within the personalities."

In the interview, Keenan also addressed the idea that he had made a concerted effort not to make his memoir a Tool book. He explained, "I think the same could be said for A Perfect Circle. Even though there’s a brief history, there’s a lot to be told, but I think that’s specifically for A Perfect Circle and that’s a whole separate book. The same thing goes for every project. There’s a whole entire winery book out there. What’s going on in Arizona? We’re just gonna touch on it here. Again, we pulled some specific threads. There are more threads to be pulled."

When asked if Keenan was planning books on each of his projects as well as his wine business, the vocalist stated, "I suppose so, it just depends on each individual project. Just to take a broad stroke approach and say, 'Yeah, let’s write a book on each of these,' that’s lofty and romantic. The execution of it has to be right. It can’t go forward if it’s not good, so we’d have to take baby steps."

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