Maine's Too Late The Hero have been announced as the first signing to Chris Adler's (Lamb of God) new label, ReThink Records. Noisecreep is psyched to premiere 'Hold Your Applause,' a track from the band's forthcoming debut album 'Statement of Purpose.'

"We're really big Lamb of God fans, so it was crazy just to meet him in the first place, let alone find out that he believed in our band. I usually don't get nervous before shows, but when he came out to one of our shows in Brooklyn to check us out, I was freaking out. I mean, how do you impress a guy who kills it on stage like everyday of the year?" Too Late the Hero vocalist Jarrod Wilbur recently told Noisecreep. "But it was right after that show that he told us he wanted Too Late The Hero to be the first band on his label. Definitely the best moment in the bands life so far."

As for the actual recording process, Wilbur said that Adler "pretty much let us do our thing. He had complete trust in the band and everyone involved, which was a huge confidence boost. He pretty much like, 'You guys are a great band who write great songs, and Josh is one of the best producers I've worked with. There is no way you wont make an incredible record.' So it was up to us not to let him down. That in itself was quite a motivating factor."

Listen to 'Hold Your Applause'

Too Late The Hero are influenced by screamy, angsty bands like Underoath and Glassjaw. "Underoath consistently release great albums, Senses Fail's last album has been my favorite of theirs so far, Glassjaw is back with a bunch of EPs, and stuff that's all killer," Wilbur said. "I know there is a bunch of other stuff out right now that's getting all the attention, but I'm not too concerned. Everything goes in waves, like back and forth between fun fashion and emotional revival. It seems like we are in the midst of another '80s glam 'good times' phase, which doesn't particularly bother me, and maybe soon the new 'angsty grunge' time will hit and people will wanna hear about personal struggles again. That would be cool. But the one constant is metal music. It never goes anywhere. Pantera is always cool."

When not touring, Wilbur works as a substitute teacher in junior high and high school classrooms. "I also work in special ed a ton. It's a pretty sweet job, but it gets a little weird when I read iTunes or YouTube comments and people are calling me 'Mr. Wilbur,'" the singer said. "Sometimes they do that at hometown shows too, then freak out when I drop f-bombs on stage. I really love that job though. If I wasn't doing music, I would probably go into teaching full-time."

'Statement of Purpose' is due out April 12th.

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