For many years, bassist Tony Campos and frontman Wayne Static were the glue of the frequently changing lineup of Static-X, but the relationship turned sour over time to the point that Campos left the band and they frequently bashed heads over the usage of the Static-X name in recent years. However, even with their business disagreements, Campos definitely felt the loss when his onetime bandmate passed away last fall.

In the time since Static's death, it has been revealed that he died from mixing a cocktail of Xanax and other prescription drugs with alcohol. And that dance with excess is part of what led to the souring of their relationship.

In a new interview with Horns Up Rock! (seen above), Campos states, "It's unfortunate. I mean, we weren't friends the last five years of his life. And he just… He went down a path that none of the other guys in the band wanted to go down. You can't help somebody that doesn't wanna be helped. And he didn't wanna hear it from anybody, least of all me. When somebody doesn't want the help, there's nothing you can do; you've just gotta let them do what they're gonna do. Unfortunately, the path he went on ended up costing him his life."

Earlier in the interview, the bassist spoke about putting the music first. He explained, "It's really easy to get caught up in all that other s--t, you know -- the drinking, the chicks and the partying. You get caught up in all that stuff and you forget why you started playing music in the first place. I've always tried to keep [the music] in mind. That's the main thing. That's why I'm out here."

And while Campos says he may still party, he does it afterward so as not to affect the show, as that is what is first and foremost.

Campos recently made headlines, giving up his gig in Soulfly to join Fear Factory. The bassist has also been playing with Ministry, but Fear Factory will now become his primary gig.

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