Tommy LeeAs part of the Guitar Center Drum-Off in Los Angeles, Tommy Lee and Street Drum Corps skinsman Frank Zummo put together a ridiculous 'who's who' of drummers, ranging from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith and Matt Sorum to Incubus' Jose Pasillas and the E-Street Band's Max Weinberg, along with his son Jay, to perform as part of 'Bezerk,' a show Lee and Zummo conceived of together.

"Guitar Center got us in a room together and they were like, 'We want to do something epic, something really theatrical that's never been done before. We know the two of you guys can kind of do that for us,'" Zummo recalled to Noisecreep of how he and Lee got started on the project. "We just brainstormed for like a whole day, and Tommy and I dreamed up the craziest thing possible. We brought in the biggest, craziest things we could possibly think of just to basically take it Vegas-style, Cirque du Soleil of drums."

So, when putting together the extravaganza, were there any shows they looked at for inspiration? "As soon as the audience becomes part of the show, you're more than halfway there. Like in that Beatles 'Love' show, when that big sheet comes over everybody and you can play with it, like 'De La Guarda,' they come down and swoop and pick you up," Lee said. "And 'O' is inspirational. To play drums underwater would be really f---ing cool, too."

While Zummo wants the show to go on tour, hit Broadway, then on to Las Vegas, Lee is thinking Vegas, baby, Vegas. "Vegas for sure, because Vegas is the Burger King of production, since you can totally have it your way," Lee says of his first choice. "It's just a place you can set up shop and you can do s--- in a building that doesn't have to go in a truck, pack up every night, and, dude, anything's possible there. So just imagine if they let us loose in Vegas, we may never come back."

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