Jesse Leach, singer of new band called Times of Grace, isn't big into metal cliches. He says he's just a normal guy that likes to spend time with his family. Of course, as the former vocalist for Killswitch Engage and current singer of several metal acts, Leach gets to see his fair share of stereotypes in action.

"I'm not much of a metal guy," laughs Leach to Noisecreep. "What I always get a kick out of and I find ridiculous -- well, number one is cocaine. I think cocaine is one of the stupidest, stupidest metal clichés that anyone could ever get into and I don't understand it at all. I mean, to each his own but to me that's just a scumbag drug. Number two, sunglasses at night or sunglasses in the club or sunglasses on stage. You know the only people that can pull that off in my opinion -- that looks good doing it -- is ZZ Top. If you're not ZZ Top, take your sunglasses off man."

Clearly opinionated, Leach has no problem speaking his mind, and what's on his mind these days is his new project with KsE guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz. The duo calls their new band Times of Grace, and they have created songs with titles like 'Hymn of a Broken Man,' 'Hope Remains' and 'The End of Eternity.' The latter has a special place in Leach's heart.

"If I had my choice, we'd play the whole record from start to finish live. And singles are tough for me because I'm not a single minded kind of guy. Adam probably has better ideas of what would be a single and stuff. Because to me, my favorite song is probably 'The End of Eternity.' The music is the most epic-sounding song. It goes in so many different places and it's a concept song. I mean, the whole record sort of has at least a concept to it about suffering [and] finding hope in the darkness. But that song in particular is really story oriented. And Adam and I are different voices switching on the verse, and everything is very deliberate -- from the tone of our voice to lyrics that we sing. I would love for us to make a video on that particular song."

Leach and Dutkiewicz chose to call the Times of Grace debut 'Hymn of a Broken Man.' It will be released Nov. 9 via Roadrunner.