He's known for being the jokester in Killswitch Engage; the guy who wears a Batman cape onstage, hides traffic cones and potted plants in his bandmates' bunks and practically drinks his weight in beer on a nightly basis. But there's another side of guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz -- who's been splitting time with Times of Grace as well -- that cherishes health and serenity over intoxication and hilarity.

To keep down his weight and maintain his stamina, he jogs miles a day whether he is at home or on tour. And when he's near the woods or the mountains, he grabs a canteen and takes a therapeutic excursion through the wilderness. "I've hiked done up to 15 miles at a time," he told Noisecreep. "I love mountains. I like the challenge of climbing things, getting my heart rate up and seeing something beautiful on top."

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Something else casual fans might not expect from Dutkiewicz is that he cherishes nature, and he knows when to keep his distance. "I'm very in touch with nature. I love the earth. It's a beautiful thing," he said. "I find beauty in anything in nature. I've really never seen any dangerous animals [and I don't want to]. I'm scared of bears and moose. I have a general rule: Anything larger than me, I should stay away from. I won't even go near horses or cows."

We're unsure whether his KSE bandmates share his appreciation for the outdoors, but we're pretty certain they're not too thrilled when he dumps objects in bunks. However, ex-Killswitch vocalist Jesse Leach -- who sings on the debut Times of Grace album 'The Hymn of a Broken Man,' which comes out Jan. 18 -- is right there with Dutkiewicz when it comes to his reverence of the nature.

"When we play with Times of Grace live, we're going to have a whole visual backdrop. And 98 percent of that is going to based around nature," he told Noisecreep. "Even simple things like a leaf falling off a tree or the sun going down or watching clouds over a valley. That all really moves me."