Singer Jesse Leach loves to perform. From his time with Killswitch Engage to bands like Seemless and the Empire Shall Fall, Leach likes to show off his various musical influences. Now Leach is excited about his newest project with KSE guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz. The duo is calling the project Times of Grace -- it's metal with a twist, so traditional labels like hardcore or progressive don't necessarily apply. Instead, they're definitely metal with an introspective feel. Perhaps that consciousness was aroused in Leach after reuniting with Dutkiewicz.

"I've had people over the years that I've really connected with musically and been friends with," Leach tells Noisecreep. "But there's something that Adam and I connect on and it's just ... it's on so many different levels. It's really hard to put into words. But he's definitely a natural fit in the studio. I'm completely comfortable with him. We joke around; it's a great time. It's definitely the best recording experience I've ever had recording with him on this record."

For a lot of musicians, being comfortable in the studio really comes through on the final product. Since Leach and Dutkiewicz were comfortable with each other's work style, recording the Times of Grace debut, 'The Hymn of a Broken Man,' was definitely a give and take effort.

"[Adam] knows my voice so well, and he knows when to push me and when to lay back and when to take my advice and when to put his advice in," Leach continues, explaining his time in the studio. "And it's very much a collaboration. And then aside from that, I just enjoy his company. He's honestly one of the funniest people you'll ever meet in your life. He's definitely one of my best friends. It's a total joy."

For many bands, a new album automatically equals a tour. Not necessarily so for Times of Grace. Leach says he likes to live a "normal life" and Dutkiewicz is a little "road weary" from playing a lot of shows with Killswitch Engage. So when 'The Hymn of a Broken Man' drops Nov. 9, Leach doesn't expect to be performing the new tunes on stage.

"[To celebrate] I will probably buy a bottle of really good aged scotch and a cigar, and I will proceed to enjoy myself with my wife and some close friends. We may go down to the city and just celebrate. It is definitely going to be a big accomplishment for me. I'm going to love it."