Now that Killswitch Engage are between albums, it seems like a good time for guitarist and songwriter Adam Dutkiewicz to unveil his side project Times of Grace. The band also features Killswitch's original vocalist Jesse Leach, who had suffered his own personal crisis back in 2002 and had to quit the band.

But the reunion and reconciliation isn't as straightforward as it seems. Times of Grace have been in the works for four years, and – true to the spiritual, yet desperate vibe of their debut 'The Hymn of a Broken Man' – it started out of trauma and circumstance. When Dutkiewicz severely injured his back in Europe and required surgery, he was ordered to lie on his back for weeks while he recovered.

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He was unsure if he'd ever walk again, let alone jump around onstage. During this uncertain time, he battled depression and boredom, writing melodies in his head to keep himself sane. By the time he was released from the hospital, he had conceived the structure, hooks and riffs for 'The Hymn of a Broken Man.'

Since the project was so personal to him, he recorded all the guitar, bass and drum parts himself during down time from Killswitch. Then he called up his old friend Leach, who had experienced his own share of personal turmoil, and asked if he would add vocals to the album. Leach, who was living in New York, made several trips from his home in Providence, R.I. to the studio in Westfield, Mass. to lay down the vocals.

In the studio, the musicians ignited like they did in the early days of Killswitch Engage, and the recording process was easy and enjoyable -- but time consuming. Dutkiewicz could only get together when he wasn't working with Killswitch or producing another band. Additionally, Leach could only work when he had down time from his day job and his other band, the Empire Shall Fall, wasn't active.

Gino DePinto, AOL

Over time, however, the musicians' determination overcame their crammed schedules and recorded 'The Hymn of a Broken Man,' a heavy, dark and melodic release that delves into styles previously unexplored by Killswitch and features some of the most confessional, cathartic music of either artist's career.

Noisecreep's ''Creep Show' recently sat down with Dutkiewicz and Leach and talked about the creation of 'The Hymn of a Broken Man,' how grace can be found in even the most perilous times, plans for an upcoming Times of Grace tour and why there's always time for studio shenanigans.