Thulcandra, the German black metal band spearheaded by Obscura visionary Steffen Kummerer, have released a music video for "Nocturnal Heresy" off their fourth album, A Dying Wish, which comes out Oct. 29.

The band's earliest work served as a sincere tribute to the style of melodic black metal first played by Sweden's Dissection and, while Thulcandra's ethos is largely intact, the band has since developed a stronger individual identity. "Nocturnal Heresy" brings six minutes of sinister, chilling black metal with subtle traces of death metal peppered in, helping to further establish Kummerer's accomplishments within extreme metal.

Commenting on the single, which follows the previously released "Funeral Pyre," Kummerer offered, "'Nocturnal Heresy' marks another filthy cut of our upcoming album A Dying Wish. With the combination of our very own sound with a long lasting middle section we turn down the everlasting speed to show you a different side of Thulcandra. 'Nocturnal Heresy' will become part of our release tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland later the year."

"We return with an album full of eerie cold melodies, ice-cold vibes and an over the top production by Swedish legend Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios! Within the first album in five years we celebrate the essence of pure black & death metal, adorned with more twin guitars, blast beats and filthy arrangements than ever. We celebrate the release of A Dying Wish with excessive shows and embark on a European tour to perform for all our loyal fans and supporters in the upcoming months," said the group of the forthcoming full length.

Watch the video for "Nocturnal Heresy" below and view the A Dying Wish album art and track listing further down the page.

The record, Thulcandra's first since 2015's Ascension Lost, will be released through Napalm Records and pre-orders can be placed here.

Thulcandra, "Nocturnal Heresy"

Within our might, towards a holy war
One for one, we tear the night
Within our sight, we carve the gods
In nocturnal heresy we align and dwell
Gathering hunger in the night
To hail and kill, we reunite
Summoning darkness, shining bright
In silver steel, a shade of light
Beyond horizons, the son of storms
The cry of ravens, hated and scorned
Truth and lies, in ancient times
The primal ruler takes a final breath
Embraced by shadows, in despair
Triumph and steel, hard to bear
Black flames burning in my veins
My guide to searing eternal flames

Thulcandra, "Nocturnal Heresy"

Thulcandra, A Dying Wish Album Art + Track Listing

Thulcandra, 'A Dying Wish'
Napalm Records

01. "Funeral Pyre"
02. "Scarred Grandeur"
03. "Orchard of Grievance"
04. "In Vain"
05. "Nocturnal Heresy"
06. "The Slivering Silver"
07. "In Bleak Misery"
08. "A Shining Abyss"
09. "Devouring Darkness"
10. "A Dying Wish"

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