Bullying Awareness Week is Nov. 15 to 21, and coincidentally hard rockers Three Days Grace have just released their latest album, 'Life Starts Now,' which contains the song 'Bully.' It begins with schoolyard taunts and cheers and calls of "get him" and "bust his hand."

"Over the last little while, I've watched my little brother, who is 11 years old, go through school," says Toronto-based frontman Adam Gontier. "I've been pretty close with him, and I've been able to watch how kids are with each other, so it was an idea that was on my mind.

"Growing up, you see how kids that get pushed around and get bullied how it affects them later on in life, so I wanted to write about it so we sat down as a band and wrote the lyrics for that."

Fairly simple and repetitive, particularly with the lines like "Blame the family/Blame the bully/ Blame it on me," the first verse is about a boy being bullied, who is either planning on revenge or suicide -- it's not clear which -- then comes a verse about a girl who also "won't go unnoticed" and "tonight the silence is over."

The song is fairly heavy, the main chorus riff composed by guitarist Barry Stock, says Gontier. "The riff was kind of different than anything else that we'd done, and we all wrote that tune together [including drummer Neil Sanderson and bassist Brad Walst].

Gontier, who spoke about his struggle with addiction at treatment centers, shelters and group homes while touring behind 2006's 'One-X,' says it would be "super cool" if 'Bully' was picked up by anti-bully organizations and school campaigns. He has already been asked to talk at an assembly about bullying.

"The date of the talk is in November, and we're going to be on the road doing our Canadian tour. I'm trying to work it out for a different day. "