Anyone who's experienced the Warped Tour understands the absolute intensity of the festival, and the new short film 'This Endless Summer' takes a look at the celebrated event from the eyes of artists like Of Mice and Men, G-Eazy, Memphis May Fire and Miss May I.

The most insightful section of the nine-minute short centers on Warped Tour's impact on breaking such diverse acts as No Doubt, New Found Glory, Eminem and even Katy Perry. "There was a time when (Eminem) was looking for that big break," said G-Eazy, who played all 41 dates of the 2012 Warped Tour. "And (the) Warped Tour was a really big step for his career at that point in time. It's fun to be a part of that tradition..."

Created by CrescendoTV founders Josh Niemiera and Chris Kasianczuk, the short's creation was inspired by their own passion for the tour as well as getting the chance to show a different perspective of the Warped Tour. With diverse acts from punk, indie rock, hard rock, metal and hip-hop converging into one ambitious music experience, the entire scene may, from the outside looking in, seem intimidating.

For many Warped acts, however, the tour is actually a unifying and surprisingly intimate gathering. "So many of our friends' bands play on Warped," said Memphis May Fire vocalist Matty Mullins, who is currently on tour promoting 'At Heart,' the band's latest album. "And so, getting to hang out with them. It's so different from any other tour because you get to spend a lot of time with all (the friends) you don't get to see during the year ... the fellowship is just amazing."

Watch the 'This Endless Summer' Short Film

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