No beauty product is more important to the world of metal than hairspray, specifically Aqua Net. In fact, Aqua Net may be responsible for an entire genre of metal. We're talking about hair metal of course. And if you didn't have high hair in 1986... well, you were nothing.

These days you can snag a can of Aqua Net for under four bucks online. Back in the day, a can cost next to nothing. If you had a big gig, all you needed to do to get ready was to bust out the Aqua Net, spray half a can on your head and you had sky-high bangs for days!

The marketing tag for Aqua Net is "All Day All Over Hold." Held it did, between gigs, girls and even grocery shopping. Too bad Aqua Net is highly flammable, considering metal bands usually rely on pyro to beef up stage shows.

There's little doubt the hair stylists on the set of Rock of Ages had cases of Aqua Net worked into their budgets.

Some of our favorite Aqua Net bands include Poison, Stryper and Whitesnake.

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