Ghost action figures of Papa Emeritus III are now available to order.

Undoubtedly, Ghost are one of today's metal bands most known for its flashy theatrics and outlandish imagery, and there may be no better way to encapsulate that than through the spooky makeup and spuriously pious duds of bandleader Tobias Forge when he's in character as the band's singer, Papa Emeritus.

Perhaps that's why toymaker Super7 tapped the third incarnation of that menacing mastermind, Papa Emeritus III, for a couple of action figures in its ReAction line. One is a completely monochromatic iteration of Ghost's pope-like frontman, the other a glow-in-the-dark version of the austere rocker.

See them both down toward the bottom of this post. The former arrives as part of Super7's new "Black Series" toys, and the Papa Emeritus figure is certainly in good company among the rock-inspired range. The run includes a greyscale Motorhead "Warpig" figure and a black-and-white Jerry Only from the Misfits.

"Global Merchandising Services and Super7 have collaborated to create a 3.75" ReAction figure for the Swedish metal band Ghost," the toy company first announced last year. "The figure is based on the character of the sinister pope, Papa Emeritus III, who was the frontman on Ghost’s third album Meliora. This ReAction figure embodies the dark themes and ominous charm of the original pontiff and will be available to the clergy in the coming weeks. The figure will also be available through select independent retail stores."

The Ghost action figures are on sale for $18 apiece at

Super7 Ghost ReAction Figure - Papa Emeritus III (Black Series)

Super7 Ghost ReAction Figure - Papa Emeritus III (Glow in the Dark)

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