"I woke up with a splitting headache, and it's the worst," the Used vocalist Bert McCracken told Noisecreep. "Luckily, I have a piano and pot. Both are for anything that ails you. I can sit down and play piano, even if I have the most splitting headache." Looks like McCracken uses music as therapy and healing.

It's been a rough few years for the singer, who was hurled into the spotlight, and the public eye was focused in on his drug and alcohol issues. He and bassist Jeph Howard live in Venice Beach, Calif., as opposed to their native Utah, since "I don't get arrested or f---ed with by police. When I lived in Utah, they knew where I lived and what type of car I drove and raided my house twice." It's not often that Los Angeles affords people -- especially famous people -- peace, but McCracken is feeling it.

Despite his past messes, the singer is doing alright. "I am fine. Thanks for asking," he said. "I am kind of a dirthead hippie or a metal hippie. Despite my lingering hangover, I am great. Things in my life are cool. Nothing is rad ever, but I am pretty much happy with what's going on. I have three rad little puppies, a house I like living in and a chick I love being around." McCracken is 'dad' to a Chihuahua, a Yorkie and their offspring, named Church.

While McCracken says he is doing well at this point in his life, the band's new album, 'Artwork,' expresses a common theme of hate, particularly of oneself. McCracken explained the concept when asked if he hates himself, saying, "To love yourself, you have to hate yourself. To be in true love, you have to hate the person ultimately. To love something, you have to know everything about it. To know something is to cage it, cut it open and take it apart. That's why I don't hate or love God. I can't get that into it. I love myself for what it is. I was born to do what I do now and proud I have taken it this far, through all the bulls--- and antics. And I have done alright."

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