Check out our exclusive video of the Used discussing several facets of their new album 'Artwork,' which they've christened "gross pop" for its alternately dirty and pretty parts. In this video, singer Bert McCracken -- who is never one to mince words -- likens bands to artists, saying that albums are essentially the artwork of bands. He also chats about the dual meaning of the vivid, somewhat disturbing album cover, which boasts a hypodermic needle being injected into veins and an arm that is bloodied and carved with the album's title.

When commenting about each track on 'Artwork' during an interview with Noisecreep, McCracken talked about the single 'Blood on My Hands,' offering up keen insight as the lyrics' author! "I was conceptualizing a short film that we are still shooting," he said. "It's a horror movie about the harvesting of fresh organs, and it's tripped out and creepy. I wrote the song around the movie concept. It's also about relationships and the person you are, and the person people find. You can't hide who you are forever, and you aren't wearing a mask forever. I am a nice guy, but there is a lot of darkness inside of me."


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