Salt Lake's favorite sons The Used are debuting their brand new sing "Blood on My Hands" from the forthcoming 'Artwork' release, today on iTunes and Before all you diehard The Used fans flood their site to check out the song – which slays, by the way- check out what guitarist Quinn Allman had to say about the sanguine song.

"That song is brutal," Allman told Noisecreep. "It's about killing off whatever it is you need to kill off and premeditating that. You can take it anyway you want to, but it's about killing something about yourself or someone. It's awesome." When asked if he is kidding about sorta advocating murder, Allman admitted to supporting an "eye for an eye" mentality. "I advocate murder and the jail time that goes with it," he said. "Sometimes, some people don't deserve to live anymore. I have yet to have anyone I feel that way about, though." Allman acknowledged the controversial nature of such a statement but he was more than happy to break it down for us, saying, "There is a logic to it. If someone kills someone, in cold blood, I am sorry, but they deserve to die. That's just how I feel in that situation."

Moving on to happier topics, Allman feels 'Artwork' is more sincere than the band's last album, 2007's 'Lies for the Liars.' He said, "That's not to say the last album wasn't sincere, but there were materials and resources on the previous records that conjured up the same type of image. We decided to redesign the piece and strip it down." He also claimed that while the first, self-titled album was a true collaboration, 2004's 'In Love and Death' and 'Lies...' were efforts born of the studio and 'more of a different crafting of songs in the studio, where we had five songs when we went into the studio and then were writing five more in the studio." He contends that 'Artwork' is more collaborative of an effort.

'Artwork' is slated to land on shelves later this year.

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