Who the hell are With One Last Breath?

The UK-based band, which mixes American-style hardcore with melodic metal, has just released a two-song single, 'Forgive Never Forget' / 'Hell We Create' via iTunes. Their debut self-titled digital EP has sold over 20,000 copies, with most sales coming from US fans despite the fact that the band has never played a single US show. So what gives?

"Eight months ago, we released an EP with guest vocals from Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria. Since then, we have done around 25,000 [in] sales on iTunes, with 90% of sales being in the US," vocalist Sam Graves and guitarist Joe Graves recently told Noisecreep. "We want to be over in the US, and that's where people want us. So once a label picks us up, we will be with you, America!"

In the interim, the band is working diligently on a debut CD that it hopes will be ready for release this year. "We are doing everything in our power to make sure we do get there. We are spending a lot of time online chatting with all of our fans, [and] spending hours every day writing for our full-length album, which is over halfway written now," Joe Graves said. "This would be the time to say to anyone with a lot of money that is reading this to please give it to us [laughs]. But seriously, it's just down to getting some tour offers and maybe an awesome label over [in the US] like Sumerian or Rise records."

The Graves have a theory about why their band has been gaining traction in America. "It seems that the big thing right now in the US is heavy British bands," Joe Graves said. "In terms of our music, how we look and our attitude towards everything, we fit right in. But the reason people have recognized us in the US has definitely gotta be down to our buddy Danny Worsnop doing vocals on our CD."

The collaboration with Worsnop was not of the 'email me your track, I'll email you back' variety. Worsnop actually recorded his parts in the studio with the band, pitching in for his pals in a true friendly fashion. Initially, Worsnop recorded every single screaming part on the EP because of vocalist Sam Graves' vocal injury at the end of a tour.

"Sam finished [recording] all his clean [singing] parts, then straight after that we headed out on tour, which murdered Sam's voice," Joe Graves recalled. "So we went in to record his screams, but after literally like three days [of] trying to get something that didn't sound like ass to come out of his mouth, we thought, 'F--- this. Someone else is gonna have to do it.' So we wracked our brains thinking, 'Hmmm, who would be up for doing this, and who should we be doing this with?'

"We remembered that the guys in Asking were back home for a while, so we rang up Danny and said 'Mate, do you fancy doing all the screams for our CD?' And he was just like 'Yeah dude, come pick me up!' So we went to his place, grabbed him and laid down the entire CD in one day. He even had to learn [all] the tracks in that day."

Even though Worsnop's screaming fit with all of their songs, the band knew that they couldn't keep all of his parts. "As good as it sounded, it just wasn't right to have someone else scream everything on the CD. Sam's scream had come back at this point, so we went back into the studio and put all of Sam's screams [back] in," Joe said. "We knew there would have to be at least one song on the CD that still had Danny on it, and 'Wake the Dead' s--- all over the other tracks, so we kept his best takes."

Somewhat coincidentally, ex-Asking Alexandria member Lanky Joe Lancaster is now With One Last Breath's new bassist, and the band has also added a screamer named Spencer Costello so Sam won't blow out his voice in the future. Joe Graves and Worsnop are also working on Worsnop's solo album. "You are gonna s--- yourself when you hear it!," Joe Graves said. "It's incredible!" Get a diaper ready!