There's some incredibly creative and resourceful people out there and the folks at LEGO know it. That's why they encourage their fanatics to come up with unique and innovative new toy designs through the LEGO Ideas initiative and one fan built an entire Tool stage set with excruciating detail.

Keep in mind, this is just in the idea phase — the Tool LEGO set is not available anywhere and is currently not being manufactured. This elaborate project was conceived and created by a user named "blocksandmocs," who said the following about the whole concept:

This project is a tribute to the legendary rock band Tool. I was inspired from the recent fulfillment of a long anticipation, 18 years [edit: it was 13 years — don't make it worse than it was!] off wait that Tool will release a new album. Tool have accompanied me throughout my life, as a meaningful and integral part in the soundtrack of my life, to this day and on.

I think a series of a musical stages and artists would appeal to many LEGO fans. It would be a unique way to connect and show the musical influences you may have, your favorite rock bands, even a good show you watched or wish to visit. Music is a fundamental element of life, it accompanies us in so many different ways. The possibility of integrating music with LEGO is fantastic! Upgrading the interactive and displayable features of LEGO.

When I published these models in social media it achieved high interest and request to purchase. I was gladly surprised to find out that even among music fans which are not a regular LEGO buyers the interest was high. I believe that a series of this kind would enlarge lego kits buyer due to versatility and collectable qualities of this sets.

There's 480 days left on the campaign and, at the time this article was published, the Tool LEGO set has received the support of nearly 2,000 fans.

Scroll through more images of the set design below and let's hope we see this hit the shelves one day!

Oh, and if you want to see Tool's actual stage set, you can catch them on their North American tour at these stops. Get tickets here.

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