The Three Tenors need to shuffle aside, because they're about to be overtaken by The Three Tremors! Taking their cue - in name only - from the wildly successful operatic trio, T3 features three of metal's heaviest vocalists in Tim "Ripper" Owens, Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin and Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck. The band's self-titled debut will be released Jan. 18.

Owens most notably has sung for Judas Priest and Iced Earth, Conklin sings for power metal outfit Jag Panzer and Peck currently handles vocals for Cage, Death Dealer and Denner / Shermann. The threesome have setup a PledgeMusic page for fans to order the album in a variety of configurations, along with a host of additional merchandise available. The full track listing for the LP, as well as the cover art and two songs, can be seen below.

"Never before has this much firepower been assembled on one stage," the band says in a statement. "This is not just some wild claim because once you hear the first song and see this live you will understand why even the legends of old that conceived this urban legend, failed to execute their plan. well we have and this 2018 version of The Three Tremors will leave no doubt that we harnessed this raw power and focused it into an amazing album filled with all time classic heavy metal songs."

The Three Tremors were initially a name bandied about by Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson and Geoff Tate for a collaborative project back in 2000, but it never got off the ground. Dickinson later said he wanted Ronnie James Dio for the third voice instead of Tate.

A world tour is slated to follow the release of the current Three Tremor's album, with a European tour already booked and kicking off in Tel-Aviv, Israel Sept. 27. The list of dates thus far can be found at this location.

The Three Tremors Album Art + Track Listing

The Three Tremors
The Three Tremors

The Three Tremors track listing:

01. Invaders From the Sky
02. Bullets for the Damned
03. When the Last Scream Fades
04. Wrath of Asgard
05. The Cause
06. King of the Monsters
07. The Pit Shows No Mercy
08. Sonic Suicide
09. Fly or Die
10. Lust of the Blade
11. Speed to Burn
12. The Three Tremors [Bonus Track]

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