The Shadow Bureau is a new project from Nitzer Ebb's Bon Harris and A Matter Gray's Jeehun Hwang. The duo first starting collaborating on soundtrack work for several indie films and realizing they had a powerful chemistry, decided to take things up another level. Noisecreep readers not familiar with Harris' work with pioneering electronic act Nitzer Ebb might recognize his name from his extensive studio session work with everyone from AFI and Marilyn Manson to Bush and Evanescence.

"I usually have bands approach me that come from a more rock standpoint and are looking to do something sonically different," Harris tells Noisecreep. "It's nice because the bands and producers already know that I've come into work at that capacity before and I won't mess things up. For the AFI project, I came into the sessions and slotted in some electronic textures to what they already had. But the goal was to try and do that and not overtake or overpower their original idea. I don't want my contributions to come off conspicuously. I think we were both happy with the results. At this point I think I've learned how to balance the electronic side of the sound with the rock elements," says Harris.

That brings the conversation over to The Shadow Bureau. "We recently released a new song and video ['Don't Give Yourself Away'] to accompany a film called 'Griff the Invisible.' I like tell people that The Shadow Bureau is more of a collective than a band. My main collaborator is a composer named and screenwriter named Jeehun Hwang.

"So we wrote songs based around the different characters from 'Griff the Invisible.' We then approached different artists to come in and sing on specific songs for the project. For 'Don't Give Yourself Away' we got Curt Smith of Tears for Fears and an LA-based musician named Linda Strawberry to work with us. I'm really proud of the material we've written and excited to share it with everyone now that the video is out."

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