In another case of perfect timing, we booked Norma Jean singer Cory Brandan in our podcast studio just days before the release of the band's new -- and arguably best -- album, 'Meridional.' We tracked down the elusive vocalist on the launch day of this year's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest, just as Norma Jean were starting to unload their gear for that afternoon's gig.

Fortunately, Brandan wasn't distracted by the Mayhem swirling around him and was stoked to talk about the creation of 'Meridional,' the concept behind the disc, why Norma Jean want to distance themselves from the Christian metal scene and his love for Slayer and other sinister groups.


Joining us in the studio for the ''Creep Show' podcast were moderator Jon Wiederhorn, Early Man guitarist Pete Macy -- who was given ample opportunity to plug his band's new album 'Death Potion' (out July 20) -- Rolling Stone writer Chris Steffen and industry insider Jen Guyre.

In addition to hearing from Brandan and Macy about their latest projects, Steffen told a thrilling tale about how Lamb of God frontman and Mayhem participant Randy Blythe once smashed the bottom of a beer bottle and wielded the remains as a weapon to protect the two from a raving crack addict.

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