Drowning Pool

Guitarist C.J. Pierce and bassist Stevie Benton of Drowning Pool stopped by and willing submitted to an interrogation at the hands of Amy Sciarretto for this ''Creep Show' episode.

The curiously-coiffed Pierce answered questions about his ponytail, and he and Benton discussed their new, self-titled album, their musical kinship with the military -- particularly the song 'Soldiers,' which Philadelphia Phillies closer Brad Lidge trotted out from the bullpen to during his perfect, World Series-winning season in 2008 -- and how the band 'soldiered' on in the wake of the 2003's tragic death of lead singer Dave Williams, who passed away from a genetic heart defect.


Drowning PoolPierce and Benton also chowed down on some homemade chocolate chocolate chip cookies provided by Noisecreep boss and resident baker Seth Werkheiser. Drowning Pool's anthemic new album is out April 27, and it's got the force and firepower to cause the blood to course through your veins -- even if Pierce did say the band stepped out of their 'comfy' zone when recording it.

The guys also talked about the porn and metal connection, since XXX darling Jessie Jane once graced a Drowning Pool album cover.

Now stop reading and enjoy this edition of the ''Creep Show.'