The Devil Wears Prada are proudly supporting their new EP Space, and it's not the first time the band has delved into the idea of a conceptual recording. As the title suggests, the new album has a lot to do with the idea of outer space, with each of the songs tying into the overall concept. The Devil Wears Prada have teamed with Loudwire to provide the exclusive third part of their video track-by-track commentary, which you can view above.

Singer Mike Hranica delves deep into the recording and ideals that surrounded the songs "Supernova" and "Asteroid" off the Space EP. As you may know, the band chose "Supernova" as their lead single from the disc, partly to pay tribute to their former "riffmeister" Chris Rubey, who was still with the band during the infancy of the track. "It feels very, very Prada-ish to us," says Hranica, who adds that he views it as perhaps the most poppy, upbeat song on the disc.

The vocalist also gets into some of the scientific explanation of how the song became "Supernova" and why the idea of a supernova offered a broader outlook on a type of song he was trying to write.

One song fans likely wouldn't describe as "poppy" would be "Asteroid," the other song Hranica addresses in the clip. He admits to being on a modern black metal kick at the time of putting the heavily chaotic track together. In the video, he also goes into the deeper meaning of the song. Watch his full description of both songs in the player above.

And if you like what you hear, both "Supernova" and "Asteroid" are available on The Devil Wears Prada's Space EP, which is out now. Pick it up via the band's online merch site or via iTunes. Look for the Devil Wears Prada on tour this fall in support of the new EP. Their dates with Motionless in White can be seen by clicking the red button below.