The 1994 classic movie The Crow, iconic among goths and metalheads, is getting it's own limited-edition merchandise collection from Loot Crate, and we're giving you an exclusive early look at the set.

The film is just about as rock 'n' roll as it gets. The plot is centered on Eric Draven — frontman for the metal band Hangman's Joke — who is murdered along with his fiancé, and later brought back to life by the power of the crow to avenge her.

Beyond being a cult classic in both the heavy metal and goth realms, the film has become an undying classic following the tragic death of star Brandon Lee, who was killed during filming due to an improperly loaded stunt gun.

The new limited-edition merchandise set will be available for purchase tomorrow (Feb. 16) exclusively from Loot Crate. It includes a Hangman's Joke T-shirt, a long-sleeve shirt with Draven's face and a hoodie with "It Can't Rain All the Time" written on the back, which is a song from the film's soundtrack. See images below.

The items range from $25 to $40, or you can purchase all three for $85 and also receive a bonus item. The items will be shipped in March. You can purchase the set tomorrow on the Loot Crate site.

Speaking of the soundtrack, it's also full of songs from popular artists of the era such as Pantera, Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, Nine Inch Nails, Helmet, the Cure and more.

You might also remember, Loot Crate released a metal-inspired line of Ninja Turtles merch, which you can find here.

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