Wherever that hellion known as MTV personality Bam Margera goes, something -- be it music, life-threatening stunts, trouble or other assorted forms of jackassery -- is bound to follow. In the Company Band's case, hanging out at Bam's house turned out to be a very, very good thing. The band, featuring Clutch's Neil Fallon, Fireball Ministry's James Rota, CKY's Jess Margera, Fu Manchu's Brad Davis and guitarist Dave Bone, is a bit of a doom rock supergroup, whose seeds were sown in Margera's presence.

"The first time we got together was after Bam's wedding," drummer Jess Margera told Noisecreep. "We were all there and went to his house, which is spread over 14 acres. We started jamming in his horse stables, which are converted into a studio type of thing. We jammed out there, and it was weird. I didn't think about what I was getting into. But of course, it's Bam's house, so there are random dudes everywhere. Instead of our first practice being a practice, it was a show for 30 random skaters and some guy passed out, who was dead, sleeping or coming down off drugs. Other guys were like, 'What the f---?' But that's what happens at Bam's house."

The Company Band's self-titled debut will be out on Nov. 12.

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