The Acacia Strain are planning something big this year for the 10th anniversary of their fifth album Wormwood without detracting from their newer material. Last month, just a day after Christmas 2019, the Massachusetts deathcore act surprise-released their latest effort, It Comes in Waves.

But due to the circumstances that saw the 10th anniversary of 2008's Continent butt up against the group's touring campaign for 2017's Gravebloom, the band is hoping to draw a bigger distinction between past and present albums this time around. That's how guitarist Tom Smith put it in a recent interview.

"I can't talk in-depth about it," Smith revealed to the BREWtally Speaking Podcast in an episode shared Tuesday (Jan. 7), as transcribed by ThePRP. "Because of the way Continent and Gravebloom… essentially Continent 10-year ruined Gravebloom." (Listen to the interview toward the bottom of this post.)

He continues, "Because of the way that went, we are in the process of coming to fruition, but we have an idea that will occur later in the year that will honor the new stuff and Wormwood as an anniversary in, I think, a very cool and unique way. But we are doing… everything that we can do to honor that record, 'cause it's super important to the band and to our fans, while also honoring the new stuff that we're putting out and making sure that the proper attention is given to the new stuff, so we can move forward with the new stuff."

Does that mean an altogether separate tour is in the works to celebrate the 2010 release of Wormwood? That certainly seems like it may be the case, judging by the following disclosure from the musician.

"I can't go in-depth about it," Smith reiterated, "but there's an idea that we've got that we're working out the kinks with and literally just getting it solidified with booking agents and all the management side of stuff."

The recent podcast interview with The Acacia Strain guitarist is the second in a series of talks that follows an initial chat from earlier this week. Next month, the band kicks off an extensive North America tour with help from Rotting Out, Creeping Death, Chamber and Fuming Mouth.

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