It's been over four years since thrashers got a new dose of Testament music and the long wait has finally come to an end! The Bay Area legends have released the title track from the forthcoming 11th original studio album since getting their start with The Legacy nearly 30 years ago.

"Brotherhood of the Snake" (heard above) launches straight into classic Testament territory with a series of kick drum accents against some electrifying lead work. Drummer Gene Hoglan doubles down as the intensity picks up when Chuck Billy unleashes a guttural death rattle. Returning to his typical mid-range tone, Billy's imaginative lyrics are backed by a chugging beatdown of a rhythm before circling back to the intro motif once again.

The chorus volleys between this feature lead and sustained power chords, giving a reckless energy to the song that absolutely manhandles the listener with its constantly swinging tempo changes. Dipping again in pace in favor of a palpably evil atmosphere, the bridge entertains a sing-song style riff, but this subsides for the heaviest moment of "Brotherhood of the Snake" with Billy reaching into his lower range.

"It was probably the most difficult record we’ve ever done,” Chuck Billy told ARTE Concert. Continuing, he added, “But I think, at the end of the day, it’s one of the most creative ones, actually. Maybe it was because we had so much time with it. Like they say — anything comes that is good isn’t easy. That’s how it works. I’m proud of it. Me and Eric, we’ve had our battles for a year and a half. But at the end of the day, we’re high-fiving. It’s all good.”

Pre-orders for Brotherhood of the Snake have also launched with a slew of options available, including several color options for vinyl. Grab your copy at the Nuclear Blast webstore or for a digital option, click here. The record will be released on Oct. 28.

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