Testament have long promised a successor to 2016's Brotherhood of the Snake and now a release date has finally been nailed down as the thrash legends will release Titans of Creation on April 3 through Nuclear Blast.

The 12-track record is adorned by another stunning cover from artist Eliran Kantor, who commanded the artwork for the band's three previous albums — Brotherhood of the SnakeDark Roots of Earth and The Formation of Damnation. Testament also returned to a familiar face, tracking the full length with Juan Urteaga, with whom they've worked with since Dark Roots of Earth.

The thrashers also elected to keep the momentum rolling, tapping Andy Sneap to mix Titans of Creation, as he's been called upon for with every new record dating back to 1999's The Gathering.

"Musically, it's a lot more thrash, I think, and more old school," guitarist Eric Peterson said of the album last year at a Hellfest press conference. "I don't wanna say Mercyful Fate, but that kind of guitar harmonies and stuff like that," he previewed, "And lyrically, it's probably a little bit more storytelling, kind of evil shit, I guess. The label told us to write something evil."

View the album art and track listing directly below.

Testament, Titans of Creation Album Art + Track Listing

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

01. “Children of the Next Level”
02. “WWII”
03. “Dream Deceiver”
04. “Night of the Witch”
05. “City Of Angels”
06. “Ishtars Gate”
07. “Symptoms”
08. “False Prophet”
09. “The Healers”
10. “Code of Hammurabi”
11. “Curse of Osiris”
12. “Catacombs”

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