Former Nightwish soprano Tarja Turunen has given people no doubt about what to expect since she left Finnish power metal outfit Nightwish. Orchestrated heaviness is Turunen's guarantee, and the video for 'Until My Last Breath' captures the grand nature of the song by surrounding her with the serene beauty of Iceland.

The video was shot at the same time as 'I Feel Immortal,' another song from the recent released 'What Lies Beneath.' Filming the moment was kept everyone brimming with inspiration, so it wasn't a hard decision to make another video, nearly tying them together.



"I am a scuba diver and I love the underwater world, so the story for the video is very connected with me," Turunen explained, setting the scene for the clip. "The director Jörn Heidmann found amazing free diver footage from Guillaume Nery at Dean's Blue Hole, near [the] Bahamas."

The entire process for 'What Lies Beneath' was embodied by cameras at every point, leading to over 50 hours of material documenting the recording and production of the album. We here at Noisecreep love to give you as much as we can, so here is just some of what was captured during the album's creation.

"In general the making-of is a great tool to show what truly happens during the creative process," said Turunen. "I had such a good time in the studio with my band, so for me it is a very nice memory from 'What Lies Beneath.' There are plenty of moments to cherish."