Zombi: The Night Time is the Right Time — Exclusive Interview
Fickle music fans who think instrumental rock is a boring proposition need to check out Zombi for a quick change of heart. Comprised of keyboardist-bassist Steve Moore and drummer A.E. Paterra, the group specializes in the kind of atmospheric soundscapes that wouldn't sound out of place in your favorite late '70s sci-fi and horror movies...
Vinyl in the Digital Age: Straight From the Horse’s Mouth, Talking to Bands
Vinyl records should have been something dead and buried when the digital age took its big thick grasp, as the number one music store in the country became a digital one. But the truth is, vinyl might be a driving force, helping keep the aching music industry alive -- especially in the underground metal and punk community, which is what Eric Mueller from Pirate Press told Noisecreep in an intervie