Wolves in the Throne Room

Wolves in the Throne Room Don’t See Unifiers in U.S. Black Metal
"I'm not sure if there is anything unifying the American black metal scene," Wolves in the Throne Room guitarist/vocalist Nathan Weaver told Noisecreep. While USBM -- U.S. black metal, if you really need to have it spelled out -- has been gaining more and more attention lately, Wolves in the Throne Room are one of the bands at the center of the attention, even if they don't want to be..
Jucifer Frontwoman Says Their Intent Is to ‘Decimate’
Hipster hangout Kung Fu Necktie is rapidly becoming the go-to venue for quality metal shows in Philadelphia, and those of us that call the 215 home couldn't be happier. After playing host to the likes of Krieg, Total F---ing Destruction, Nachtmystium, Wolves in the Throne Room and Krallice in recent months, the dimly-lit alcove welcomed yet another trio of amplifier worshippers into the fold on J
Skeletonwitch Raise Hell in Georgia
By now, everyone has heard about last month's Scion Rock Fest - the stacked (and I mean STACKED) lineup, the various stages, the suspiciously green-tinted air during High on Fire's set, the unexpected blizzard that left tons of attendees and bands stranded...