Triptykon Cancel Gig in Wake of Artist H.R. Giger's Death
Triptykon Cancel Gig in Wake of Artist H.R. Giger's Death
As we previously reported, iconic visual artist and frequent contributor to the rock and metal world H.R. Giger passed away on May 12. Giger was mourned by many musicians, but the outpouring of respect from fans has been truly special. In a new post from Triptykon mastermind Thomas Gabriel Warrior, he has announced that following the  "tragic accident" that claimed Giger's life, the band
Ex-Celtic Frost Drummer Opted Out of Triptykon
When Celtic Frost reunited in 2003 following a 10-year absence, they did so without longtime drummer Reed St. Mark, who bassist Martin Ain didn't want back in the band. So when Celtic Frost disbanded last year, frontman Tom Gabriel Warrior invited him to play with his new group Triptykon during their infancy...
Triptykon Continue Where Celtic Frost Left Off
If debut Triptykon's debut album, 'Eparistera Daimones' (To My Left, The Demons), sounds an awful lot like frontman Tom Gabriel Warrior's former band Celtic Frost, than the influential metal veteran has achieved his goal. "Musically, creatively, and artistically, I wanted this to be as little as possible ," Warrior told Noisecreep...

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