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The Melvins to Release 'Tres Cabrones'
Noise rock stalwarts the Melvins are gearing up to release 'Tres Cabrones' on Nov. 5 via Mike Patton's Ipecac Recordings. It's 12 songs strong and finds furry-haired frontman Buzz Osborne and drummer Dale Crover reuniting with original drummer Mike Dillard. It's like 1983 all over again for the Melvins, only with a 2013 freshness.
The Melvins Seek Guinness World Record for Fastest Tour of the US
The Melvins will attempt to become the Guinness World Record holders for the first band to tour the full United States and D.C. in 51 days with a tour kicking off Sept. 5 in Anchorage, Alaska and wrapping up Oct. 25 in Honolulu, Hawaii. "We figured it was time for us to do something REALLY crazy," said Osborne...
Maryland Deathfest Filmmaker Reveals His Metal History
Filmmaker David Hall, who lensed a doc on Maryland Deathfest 7 and makes films based on full metal albums, has an interesting -- and initially terrifying -- history with metal! "When I was a kid, my best friend's dad scared me off metal with stories of Kiss eating feces off the floor and Ozzy Osbourne drinking buckets of communal spit and puppy blood," Hall told Noisecreep...
New Releases: Alice In Chains, Austrian Death Machine, Hatebreed, The Melvins, Revocation
This past week, metal releases came out of the woodwork. And with it came eye-popping first week numbers and even a top 10 debut. Reported by the folks at Metal Insider, this past week drew in a #35 debut for the good guys in Shadows Fall with their latest album 'Retribution,' Porucipine Tree came in with 17,500 albums sold in its first week, and the MVP of metal of course goes to long time thrash
Down, the Melvins Play Amidst the Magic Kingdom
Anaheim, Calif. is essentially Disneyville! The charming city, home to the Angels baseball team as well as the Magic Kingdom that is Disneyland, is a tourist haven. Right in the center of the family-friendly, Downtown Disney shopping area, which is essentially an outdoor mall, is the Anaheim House of Blues, which hosts many a metal show...

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