Mary Weiland Documents Addiction, Diagnosis in ‘Fall to Pieces’
Released on Nov. 10, Mary Forsberg Weiland 's novel 'Fall to Pieces: A Memoir of Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll and Mental Illness' discusses the former model's struggle with Bi-Polar Disorder, drug addiction and an afflicted marriage. Written with Larkin Warren, the soon-to-be former rock wife -- currently separated from former Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver vocalist Scott Weiland -- tells the story o
Something to Burn, ‘Say Goodbye’ — Video Premiere
"I really dig the way it teases you at first by just giving glimpses of body parts and gear, with occasional quick looks at the band, and slowly builds into a glorious climax that reveals all of us rockin' the f--- out," Something to Burn's Greg Wayne intones to Noisecreep of the band's new video for 'Say Goodbye...
Top 10 Underrated Kiss Songs
This week Kiss released 'Sonic Boom,' the legendary rock institution's 19th studio album. The New York band looked at their past for inspiration on the new material and songs like 'Modern Day Delilah' and 'Hot and Cold' show that in their DNA...
Billy Talent Keep It Grim on New Album
Toronto rock band Billy Talent have written songs about everything from a priest who molests children to "a friend" with multiple sclerosis, to a vitriolic rant on an ex. On their third and newest album, 'Billy Talent III,' the topics are equally, um, negative: botched suicide ("Saint Veronika"), destroyed lives ("Rusted From The Rain"), loss and death, again ("
Top 10 John Bush Era Anthrax Songs
By now, all of the metal community is aware of the drama in the Anthrax camp. After the exit of vocalist John Bush in 2004, the band reunited with former frontman Joey Belladonna. Although the touring they did with him was hugely successful -- especially with stubborn older fans -- things didn't work out, and Belladonna left once again...