Five Albums That Changed My Life: Carnifex Vocalist Scott Lewis
Old fashioned word of mouth hype is what helped Carnifex become one of the most successful younger death metal bands in the scene today. While many of their peers rely on social networking sites as their most valuable marketing tool, Carnifex have followed the footsteps of their older heroes by forging a fanbase through relentless touring and great material ...
Slipknot Percussionist Relishes New Role in Dirty Little Rabbits
While they will continue to mourn the tragic death of their bassist Paul Gray for some time to come, the other members of Slipknot are getting ready to return to work with their other bands. Vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root will tour with Stone Sour this summer to support their third album 'Audio Secrecy,' drummer Joey Jordison is playing with Rob Zombie and will soon promote the next
Rush Documentary Shows Trio’s Humor And Camaraderie
Even though Rush was never a band to toss televisions out of windows or do strange things to groupies with fish, film directors Sam Dunn and Scott McFadyen manage to tell an engaging story in the documentary 'Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage,' which screens worldwide on June 10...
Billy Corgan Names the 10 Greatest Heavy Metal Records
Despite last week's social networking drama with Courtney Love or the news that he is (was?) dating Jessica Simpson, Billy Corgan is still one of the most important figures in modern rock music. Smashing Pumpkins, in their original form during the 1990s, were one of the most ground-breaking bands that emerged during the height of alternative rock, all while rejecting the punk rock roots that sprun
A History of Metal at the Grammys
It's not every day you see K.K. Downing and Kerry King sitting in the same room as Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga. But Jan. 31, the 52nd annual Grammy Awards will bring out some of the biggest legends in hard rock and heavy metal, including nominees AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Slayer and Judas Priest...
White Noise: News on Alice In Chains, Poison The Well, Municipal Waste, Dethklok and More
Illegal downloading has hobbled the music industry over the last decade, and try as they might, labels and musicians have been unable to quell online leaks and file sharing. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Late last night, the publicists for Smashing Pumpkins issued a press release announcing that Billy Corgan, the band's sole remaining founding member, would be releasing a new album call

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