Sigh’s ‘Cursed’ Song Results in Unexplained Deaths
When experimental black metal band Sigh started working on their new album, 'Scenes From Hell,' they were planning to re-record their old song 'The Curse of Izanagi' for the Japanese version of the album. The track originally appeared on the 1997 record 'Hail Horror Hail,' and describes a voodoo curse that condemns its victim's souls to Hell: "The word is death/Your own death is stalking you
Sigh, ‘Scenes From Hell’ — Album Art of the Week
Sigh is probably Japan's most famous metal export to underground fans, and their newest album, 'Scenes from Hell,' being released on Jan. 19, sports artwork by Israeli artist Eliran Kantor. Kantor took direct inspiration from one track on the album, 'The Red Funeral', from a series of pre-production tracks sent by Mirai, Sigh's frontman...
Filmmaker David Hall Hopes to Scar Viewers With F— the Facts Film
David Hall has made videos for a bunch of bands, like Jucifer and Sigh, but he is also shooting darkly disturbing feature films based on albums. He's done it for Today Is the Day and for Canadian grindwhores F--- the Facts. The film is trippy and David Lync'hian in style, and it's not meant to be easily digested, that's for sure...