Ov Hell, ‘The Underworld Regime’ — New Album
Ov Hell was originally intended to be a Gorgoroth record/project, but extended legal battles over the rights to the Gorgoroth name, which occurred between bassist King ov Hell, singer Gaahl and guitarist Infernus, who has continued on with the band while King and Gaahl have moved on...
1349, ‘Demonoir’ – New Album
1349 are pumping the black metal brakes on their latest, 'Demonoir,' due out on Prosthetic Records on April 27. "'Demonoir' is an incredibly dense album," drummer Frost, who has been with the band for a decade and who is perhaps best known for his other gig behind the kit in Satyricon, told Noiscreep...
Overkill Frontman Bends Iron on Next ”Creep Show’
Fans of old-school, no-nonsense thrash metal should definitely know and love this week's ''Creep Show' guest artist, Overkill frontman Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth. For almost 25 years now, he, bassist D.D. Verni and whatever drummer and guitarists they've got behind them, have been cranking out consistently pummeling albums at the rate of about one every 18 months and touring to a loyal legion of unwa
Frost of Satyricon Interview — ”Creep Show’
Maybe it's the result of being behind the drumkit for 16 years and not having much access to the microphone, but Satyricon's sticksmith, Frost, loves to talk. On this week's episode of ''Creep Show,' the black metal veteran is outspoken and verbose on a wide range of subjects, including the benefits of socialized medicine, the universal impact of AC/DC and why artists sometimes re-record old album

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