Ted Nugent Gets Homer Simpson’s Vote for President
FilmMagic / Getty Images
On the episode of 'The Simpsons' that aired last night, Homer becomes a TV pundit and must endorse a Republican presidential candidate. Looking over the list given to him by Mr. Burns, America's favorite bumbling father and nuclear-power-plant employee appears …
Duff McKagan ‘Tongue-Tied’ While Meeting Prince

In a new interview with, Duff McKagan named Prince as his ultimate dream collaboration. "I'd love to play with Prince," McKagain said. "He's probably the biggest musical influence all around for me."
The former Guns N' Roses and current Loaded and Velvet Revolve…
Powermad Frontman Reminisces, Looks to the Future
In 1989, Powermad had all of the tools it took for a metal band to break through to the mainstream. The Minnesota combo were signed to Reprise Records, they had a high profile cameo in David Lynch's cult hit film 'Wild at Heart,' and their debut album, 'Absolute Power,' was …

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