Hell Militia, ‘Last Station on the Road to Death’ — New Album
The phrase 'French black metal supergroup' seems like a contradiction in terms, but the members of five-piece Hell Militia have played in more bands collectively than everyone who has ever been in Megadeth. Just some of the former outfits of the Hell Militia men include: Malicious Secrets, Mütiilation, Od Sanctus, Satanicum Tenebrae, Vagézaryavtre, Arkhon Infaustus, Goatlord Corp., Temple of... Re
Top 10 Black Metal Records of 2009
With everyone and their mother racing to post their year-end lists before the end of 2009, Noisecreep's token kvlt kommando 'Grim' Kim Kelly figured she may as well rain on everyone's parade and concoct a nasty little list of her own. Thusly, Noisecreep's Top 10 Black Metal Records of 2009 have been lovingly selected and dissected for your listening pleasure...
From the Depths: Nazxul, Maniac, Merrimack
THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER: Legendary Australian black metallers Nazxul have been confirmed for the 2010 edition of the Maryland Death Fest, marking the band's first-ever performance on North American soil. They are currently plotting a full North American tour in support of their new album Iconoclast, the band's first full-length since their classic debut, 'Totem,' in 1995...