Iced Earth Founder Is Glad He Decided to Hire New Vocalist
Today power metal giants Iced Earth released 'Dystopia,' their 10th studio album. The 10-song collection marks the debut of new vocalist Stu Block, also of Canadian act Into Eternity. Some of the lyrics on 'Dystopia' were inspired by films, a passion of Iced Earth guitarist-songwriter Jon Shaffer...
Best Power Metal Album Covers
Dirck Halstead, Getty Images Whether you're a seasoned listener or a heavy music neophyte, if you see some kind of mythological winged creature or a 'Masters of the Universe'-inspired landscape on an album cover, chances are it's from a power metal band...
Sons of Liberty, ‘Brush-Fires of the Mind’ — New Album
Sometimes metal bands are bothered by current events and react by writing songs with political lyrics. Iced Earth frontman Jon Schaffer has taken his dismay with recent happenings several steps further by forming a new band, Sons of Liberty, to voice his protest and inform his fans about injustice, inequality and governmental corruption...
Iced Earth Resign With Century Media
Power metal mavens Iced Earth were once the best-selling band on the Century Media roster, and the label is celebrating another milestone in its 20th anniversary year by welcoming the band back to the fold. The prodigal sons have returned. In addition to Iced Earth rejoining forces with CM, guitarist Jon Schaffer's Sons of Liberty project will also call the label home...
Century Media Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Compilation Series
Century Media Records has a rich and impressive metal history, and the label's U.S. office is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a compilation series and several interactive online promotions. The label, which has been home to Shadows Fall, Lacuna Coil, In This Moment and Only Living Witness to name a few, through the years, is celebrating its past while moving forward into the digital future..
Richard Christy Explains How His Walls Got Charred on the Next ”Creep Show’
There's a good reason why Richard Christy has had a primo position on 'The Howard Stern Show' since 2004. Even when he's playing it straight, the guy's a total class clown, and while he came on the ''Creep Show' to talk about metal, before tape rolled the panel had just as much fun joking with him about prank calls, radio sketches and whether Stern is serious about wanting to be the host of 'Ameri

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