A Conversation With Lewis Dimmick, Author of a New Book on NYC Hardcore
The underground music scene in New York was an intriguing place for a young person to land in the mid-'80s. At the time, there was a strong cross pollination going on between the city's hardcore punk and underground metal scenes with bands such as Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, the Crumbsuckers, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax and Overkill managing to interest both the burr heads and long hairs to their shows
Where Are They Now? Kevin Crowley of The Abused and NYHC Artist
At this point in time, the American hardcore punk scene of the early '80s is finally being recognized as one of the most important cultural explosions of the past few decades. The music by such bands as Black Flag, Negative Approach, Minor Threat and Agnostic Front not only charged up kids around the country to get off their disaffected asses and start up similar groups, but there was also a good
DoubleCrossXX.com: a Chat With Site Founders Tim McMahon and Brian ‘Gordo’ Jordan
If you consider yourself a fan of hardcore, then you must be aware of the web presence, DoubleCrossXX.com. Founded in 2008 by Tim McMahon (vocalist for such noted Straight Edge bands as Mouthpiece and Hands Tied) and Brian 'Gordo' Jordan, the site is a treasure trove virtually bursting at the seams with in-depth interviews, action packed photos and hardcore ephemera both past and present... Read M
Top 10 New York Hardcore Albums
Back in the early '80s, when what we know now as hardcore music began, no one would have ever expected it to be flourishing the way it is today, decades later. These days, it's not that out of the ordinary to see hardcore bands selling out 1,000 seat theaters, and playing alongside black and death metal outfits...