Eddie Van Halen Has Emergecy Surgery, Rockers Cancel Tour Dates
Eddie Van Halen has undergone emergency surgery for a "severe bout" of the bowel disease diverticulitis. The guitarist's recently reunited band has since cancelled their upcoming tour of Japan to wait for Van Halen to recover. The band took to their Facebook page to tell fans about Eddie's scary trip to the hospital, stating he is expected to have a full recovery within four to six month
Bon Scott Film in Pre-Production, Eddie Van Halen Sneakers + More News
The long-rumored Bon Scott film is finally moving forward, as pre-production is underway on Bon Scott - The Legend of AC/DC. The film will chronicle the band's early career and how the late Scott helped put 'em on the map. A press release indicated that Scott was not able to enjoy the band's success due to bouts of loneliness and isolationism ...
Van Halen Rock Intimate Show at Legendary Hollywood Studio (VIDEO)
A year ago, Van Halen started recording at the famed Henson Studios in Hollywood. Formerly A&M Studios, the complex was originally built by Charlie Chaplin, the silent film legend, in 1917. Wednesday Night, Feb. 1, Van Halen returned to the site to play a focused, exhilarating, approximately 70-minute hit-crammed set for a couple of hundred guests on the studio's tiny yet historic soundstag
Van Halen Rocks Cafe Wha? in New York City
The first time he set foot in Cafe Wha? -- a tiny basement space in New York City's Greenwich Village -- David Lee Roth was 7 years old. His uncle Manny ran the joint, and the future Van Halen frontman carved his name into one of the bannisters...
Eddie Van Halen Debuts Frankenstein Flip Flops
Band merch often sells better than actual music these days, so bands are putting their logos on products like tote bags, boy shorts, wallets, belt buckles, and rubber bracelets. Iron Maiden and KISS have already crafted their own line of custom Vans, and AC/DC have their own line of flip flops...

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