Sourvein Love Doing Split Releases
Split releases make up one of the strongest staples of the underground music scene. Whether it's releasing a three-way tape with your buddies' powerviolence bands or going all out on a 180 gram picture disc with one of your idols, doing a split is one of the best ways to get your music heard by unfamiliar ears (and can be pretty damn profitable, too, if you play your cards right and vinyl nerds g
Absu’s Vis Crom Knows How to Stay Busy, Black Metal Style
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll, and while some musicians are content to focus all their energy on one project, many others find themselves saddled with a crackling excess of creative energy that leaves its bearer no choice but to invest their (usually limited) free time into other ventures...
Sourvein Stoked to Play With Pentagram, Really Dig Shrinebuilder
North Carolina sludgemongers Sourvein are gearing up for one hell of a busy year. Currently locked away in a studio somewhere on the wrong side of the tracks, working hard to finish up their next full-length for Candlelight, the intriguingly-titled 'Aquatic Occult' while plotting a split release with Japanese bringers of doomed death Coffins, the band also has several very special live rituals lo
From the Depths: Scythian, Grave Miasma, Urgehal, Coffins
NEW BLOOD: UK black/thrash warriors Scythian unleashed their debut full-length, 'To Those Who Stand Against Us ...' on the inauspicious date of Sept. 9 (that's 9/9/9, for the numerically challenged). Produced by Leon Macey (Mithras) and released by Greek extremists Necroterror Records, the album features full-color artwork by Manuel Tinnemans and includes eight war songs of blindingly technical, y
More Bands Announced for Maryland Deathfest 2010
The madmen behind America's biggest heavy metal party, Maryland Deathfest, have recently announced that the reunited Gorguts have confirmed an appearance at this year's festival. In addition, the following bands have recently been confirmed for MDF 2010, including Possessed, Asphyx (Netherlands), Necrophobic (Sweden), Sadistic Intent and the Chasm...
Syrach Frontman Offers Doom Metal ‘Starter Kit’
Of all the subgenres of doom metal that have reared their hoary heads over the decades, one of the most interesting has to be the small, but potent, hybrid we call 'death/doom.' Over the years, death/doom has separated itself into two very distinct camps: On the one side, you've got the bands like Swallow the Sun that aren't afraid to inject melody into their compositions and take cues from old Pa