Blood For Blood

MMA Fighter Dan Hardy and Hardcore Band Blood For Blood Team Up
Hardcore label Deathwish has always gone against the grain. The imprint continues that tradition with its new hoodie and t-shirt designs, which combine the worlds of MMA and hardcore punk. Deathwish leader, Converge frontman, and visual artist Jacob Bannon has created a hybrid design for British welterweight fighter Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy and Boston hardcore sourpusses Blood For Blood... Read Mo
Wolf City, ‘Unchecked Aggression’ — New Album
'There couldn't be a more appropriate title for the full-length debut from Reno, Nev. straight edge quintet Wolf City than 'Unchecked Aggression.' Propulsive, impulsive and filled with fury, the album is a shotgun blast of hardcore energy influenced by bands such as Earth Crisis, Blood for Blood, Figure Four, Buried Alive and Until the End...