Black Tusk Talk Covers, Covers and More Covers! (INTERVIEW)
Black Tusk Talk Covers, Covers and More Covers! (INTERVIEW)
Sludge merchants Black Tusk and Dead Yet? recently released a split where they had a little fun. They covered each other's songs" Black Tusk covered "Fearing Your Mind" while Dead Yet? covered "Facedriver." Noisecreep caught up with Black Tusk drummer James May to talk about the release and the culture of underground covers, as well as what else his Savannah, Georgia-base
Black Tusk Check in From Tour With Weedeater
Savannah, Ga.'s Black Tusk are currently laying a hurtin' on their current tour with Weedeater. Drummer James May checked in from the road, offering his thoughts on why Georgia has exported some of the best up and coming metal over the past several years, with the likes of Mastodon, Zoroaster, Becoming the Archetype and Black Tusk spilling out of the state...

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