Belphegor Unveil Studio Footage
Austria's Belphegor have released the first studio report for their upcoming 10th studio album. The trailer provides a glimpse into the recording process which took place at Mana Studios in Tampa, Fla. with producer Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Ripping Corpse) ...
Ladies of Love Metal and Blogging
For all the damage it has done on the music business, the internet has had a great effect on heavy metal. Besides the mountains of information and new avenues of music discovery, one of the most important things the internet has accomplished is giving every fan the ability to have a voice...
Guy Kozowyk of the Red Chord Interview — ”Creep Show’
If ever a band's album sounded like its title it's the Red Chord's new disc 'Fed Through the Teeth Machine,' a carnage-spewing showcase of rapid-fire rhythm shifts, acrobatic guitar runs, seasick tremelo bends and regurgitated vocals. But the 'Teeth Machine' isn't a diabolical instrument of death like the machine in Stephen King's 'The Mangler,' it's an actual machine used by clothing factories to
Belphegor’s Helmuth: ‘Black Metal Rules the World’
On Sept. 30, Austria's Belphegor will unleash their video for 'Der Geistertreiber,' and the "death metal band with heavy black metal influences," as main man Helmuth describes, promises that the video will be offensive. If the trailer that was posted last week online of the clip -- which was shot in Abtenau, Austria, with director Walter Fanninger behind the lens -- is any indication, i

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