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Krallice Already Recording Third Album, Debut Two New Songs Live
On April 10, 2008, I went to a Dysrhythmia show at a venue called Luna Lounge. But before the trio went on, another band with guitarist Colin Marston played. At the time, this writer thought, "How many bands could this dude possibly be in?!" Yet, exactly 21 months later, I found myself standing in front of the same exact stage watching that same band -- which at this point in time has be
Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy Members Accompany Visual Artist Nader Sadek
Nader Sadek, an Egyptian-born/New York-based visual artist known for creations showcased on Mayhem's 2009 tour and Sunn O)))'s recent performances will unveil his latest work, 'B'DOUN O'MR (Ageless)' at Santo's Party House on Nov. 21. 'Ageless' is the third installment of Sadek's, along with previous projects 'Faceless' and 'B'doun Wag'h,' which explored the concepts of intimidation, fear and pre